Mayra Rosales 800 Pounds

Monday, 9 January 2012 | comments

Mayra Rosales 800 Pounds- Mayra Lizbeth Rosales weighing 800 pounds was arrested on wednesday in a child murder case. Mayra Rosales 800 pounds, The sister of an 800 pound woman charged in the beating death of a 2-year-old child now joins her in facing capital murder charges. An Hidalgo County grand jury indicted Jamie Lee Rosales, 22, on Thursday in the slaying of her son, Eliseo Jr. The indictment comes nearly two years after sheriff’s investigators arrested her morbidly obese sister, Mayra Rosales, for the same crime.

Andrew Almaguer, an Hidalgo County assistant district attorney, said new evidence had surfaced suggesting Jamie Rosales had actually beaten the child to death.

“The injuries occurred at her home,” he said. “Jamie was the one that intentionally killed him.” The new indictment comes after months of speculation as to whether prosecutors would drop charges against Mayra Rosales and sets up an unusual situation in which the sheriff and the district attorney are pointing fingers at two different people.

“I have no evidence that Jamie Rosales is responsible for the death of that child,” Sheriff Lupe Treviño said after the grand jury’s decision Thursday. “But if the DA thinks he has the evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, then good for him.”

Authorities originally alleged that Mayra Rosales — who suffers from a rare thyroid condition that has caused her weight to balloon up to about 800 pounds — beat Eliseo to death while babysitting him for her sister.

Jamie Rosales was also charged at the time with injury to a child for allegedly leaving her son in the care of an aunt that was incapable of caring for him.

But since then, Mayra Rosales, 28, has changed her story.
While prosecutors were reluctant to describe the evidence that led to Thursday’s indictment, defense attorneys for the elder sister have said that she originally lied to investigators to protect her sibling.

She is now willing to testify that Jamie Rosales inflicted the blows that killed Eliseo before leaving their La Joya home on March 18, 2008, lawyer Sergio Valdez said.

But despite filing new charges against Jamie Rosales, the district attorney’s office has not withdrawn their case against her sister, Almaguer said. “We are proceeding with Jamie(’s trial) first,” he said. “Then we’ll see what happens with Mayra.”

Rumors of the proposed about-face in the sisters’ court cases prompted Jamie Rosales to flee the country in January. She returned only this week after a private investigator hired by a documentary film crew working on a feature about her sister’s case tracked her down to Veracruz, Mexico. A few months later, Jaime was persuaded to return to Texas where she stood trial for her son’s murder.

Pleading guilty to the lesser charge of causing injury to a child, she was sentenced to 15 years in jail.

The stress of the case caused Mayra's health to deteriorate to the point that she had to be admitted to a hospital for the super-obese, where she remains today, confined to a hospital bed. When a regular ambulance was too small to transport her, a removal truck had to be used.

‘I began retaining more water in my legs and they got so hard,’ she says. ‘The skin is so stretched out that it hurts. It feels like my legs are going to pop like a balloon. Sometimes the sores open up and water oozes out. I wondered if we should amputate.

'Sometimes I got mad. I tried not to show it that much because I didn’t want anyone feeling bad for me. It was like I was in prison, with chains holding me there so I couldn’t move.’

Mayra has suffered chronic skin infections around her body caused by the folds of fat in her skin, and doctors attempting to treat her have removed several litres of fat and fluid from around her body.

In the first 12 weeks of hospital treatment she shed 20 stone. Doctors have told Mayra she still has years of treatment ahead of her. Against all odds, Mayra manages to look to the future with optimism.

‘I’m really sad that my sister is in jail but I think my sister understands now that her actions were wrong. I believe she can change and learn from what happened. Today it’s like I’m getting a new chance. I never gave up on hope and faith that some day my life will change.’
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