"The Little Magician", Van Buren

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"The Little Magician" + Van Buren, Martin Van Buren, Origin and meaning of O.K.---Martin Van Buren, The Little Magician, was the eighth President of the United States. He was the eighth Vice President and the tenth Secretary of State, under Andrew Jackson , before his presidency.

Martin was a small man who stood only 5 feet, 6 inches tall, but had a commanding presence no matter what the situation.

The nickname, The Little Magician, was given to Van Buren because of his small stature and his uncanny ability to come down on the winning side of every political controversy. In 1828, Van Buren was elected governor of New York State, but he resigned the post after he was offered the position of secretary of state by then-President Andrew Jackson.

He was the first president to be born an American citizen and the only president not to have spoken English as his first language, having grown up speaking Dutch, and the first president from New York.

Van Buren was happy to be secretary of state, but that post wasn't the height of his political ambitions. He had his eye fixed on becoming vice president. He did become the vice president by beating out John C.

Calhoun in a political struggle with social undertones.

The President's extravagant lifestyle made him an easy scapegoat for political opponents, and the crisis overshadowed his deft handling of early sectional tensions. He was soundly defeated by William Henry Harrison in 1841. Thus, Martin became President from 1837 to 1841.
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