Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery

Monday, 5 March 2012 | comments

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery--Hillary Clinton, an American Secretary of State and a former presidential candidate, is rumored to have some job done on her face. Being a third woman in the history of America to take this high rank, Clinton needs to look great in order to be a face of her country. A woman in her 60-s cannot look perfect anyway, thus, before and after pictures of Clinton show that a face and neck lift, some skin procedures and maybe even a blepharoplasty took place.

Hillary Clinton’s alleged plastic surgery.

It all started when Daily News columnist Ben Smith was on a plane ride with John Spencer, Hillary’s opponent in the New York senate election. Spencer suggested to the reporter that Hillary Clinton had undergone "millions of dollars” worth of plastic surgery.

"You ever see a picture of her back then? Whew. I don't know why Bill married her,” Spencer said, before (smartly) adding, “She looks good now."

Her adviser Howard Wolfson says that Hillary has not had any plastic surgery. When questioned on the subject, Hillary smiled to reporters and asked, "Do you want to check for the scars?"

But better than the Daily News story is the follow-up done by The New York Times, which basically said, who really cares?

With Americans spending $12 billion a year on cosmetic procedures, does it really matter if the rumors are true that John Kerry had Botox injections, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a face-lift and Hillary had her eyes done?
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