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Friday, 2 March 2012 | comments

Jobs In Silicon Valley---Passion for what a company makes or does is the most important factor in getting jobs in Silicon Valley. Here are some key points which can help to get job in silicon valley like:

* Know—or better yet—dislike the competition. Another form of passion is a dislike of a company’s competition.

* Create a solid pitch and bring it with you. In Silicon Valley, you can tell that a person is pitching because her lips are moving.

* Expect the funny farm. Most likely you’ll go through a group grope of interviews by four or five people.

* Think: Plug and play, plug and play, plug and play. As Silicon Valley companies do not develop employees.

* Get the scoop from the first interviewer. A job interview is a sales call: Listen to what the customer says she wants and then explain why you are the solution.

* Confess your sins. If you did something stupid in your past, the company will find out, so it’s better if it finds out from you rather than from a search on the Internet.

* Answer the first question, “How are you?” with a great response.

* Show up early. Get to your interview at least thirty minutes early.

* Overdress, or, ask what to wear. Tech companies are notorious for t-shirts-and-jeans dress codes, but whether this is appropriate dress for an interview depends on the position and on the interviewer.

* Tell the interviewer you see a good fit and want the job if this is the truth.

* Prepare five ways that you think the company could improve. If you are new to Silicon Valley, you’ll quickly learn something.

* Retract your mistakes. It’s better to retract a stupid answer than to leave a permanent impression of cluelessness.

* Provide your references on the spot. Print your list of references so that you can provide them in the interview—as opposed to providing them later.

Hence, if you use these tips you will stand head and shoulders above most candidates.
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