Heaviest Person In The World

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Heaviest Person In The World---There are so many heavy weight persons in the world, and Keith Martin is the heaviest person in the world as he weighs 812 pounds currently. Martin is the 42 year old Londoner resident and people consider him the fattest person alive. He is bedridden and requires 18 caretakers to help keep him alive.

Martin makes no excuses about his weight gain, which he says started when he was a teenager right after his mother died.

Paul Mason, 48, who weighs 98o pound, is rarely able to leave his bed and so spends much of his life in the room, eating and playing computer games.

Mason consumes around 20,000 calories a day – more than eight times what the average male is supposed to eat.Heaviest Person In The World (Photo)

A mother bidding to become the fattest woman in the world has become engaged to marry a chef.

Susanne Eman, 33, revealed her controversial dream of reaching a target weight of over 115 stone last year – to become the biggest human ever.

Now the mother-of-two, who currently weighs more than 54 stone, plans to wed fiance Parker Clack, 35, who loves cooking for her.

Also Supersize Pauline Potter, is named as the heaviest woman alive in the 2012 Guinness Book of Records. Pauline sits in her home in Sacramento, California in February 2011.

Heaviest Person In The World (Photo)Another woman, Carol Yager peak weight reached up to 727 kg (16, 00 lbs). She was also famous for losing most weight by natural means. Carol Yager lost 521 lbs weight in just three months. Carol Yager was unable to stand or walk because of her muscles were not strong enough. She died in a young of 34. Main causes of her death were kidney failure, multiple organ failure and morbid obesity.
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