Silva Drag Prison Break : High Heels Jail Breaker Drag

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Silva Drag Prison Break : High Heels Jail Breaker Drag---A Brazilian inmate his alleged crime drug trafficking tried to make a great escape by dressing up in women's clothing. Ronaldo Silva reportedly went unnoticed by guards after he allegedly shaved his arms and legs and put on a dress and a wig. Silva apparently made it out of the prison, but was busted shortly after a cop noticed he had a strange walk high heels jail breaker drag.

Brazilian prisoner and alleged drug trafficker Ronaldo Silva recently attempted to escaped his lockup in his wife's clothing.

Silva, 39, allegedly shaved his arms and legs, dolled up his face and threw on a wig before waltzing out of Penedo prison, unnoticed by guards inside, the Mirror reported.

However, there's more to being a woman than a bra and panties. This guy couldn't carry himself in heels. A cop noticed Silva walking strangely less than an hour later on the street and collared him on the spot.

"He was wearing a wig, painted false nails and a long dress," Jail director Carlos Welber told The Sun. "He'd spent a long time shaving his legs and arms. There was a lot of preparation and premeditation involved in this."

The result is a shocking before-and-after mugshot, in which Silva can be seen wearing a pretty blue dress, lipstick and a wig.Welber said that Silva's wife had exchanged clothing with him during a visit, but reportedly claimed that she had no idea why her hubby wanted to cross dress.

Silva had already been awaiting trial for drug trafficking, and was transferred to the prison after another attempt to escape jail, according to Hispanically Speaking News. In that case, Silva allegedly had armed men invade the jail to break him out.

Ronaldo Silva, 39, swapped clothes with his wife when she visited him in Brazil's Penedo prison, where he was being held on drugs charges, The Sun reports.

Silva, who had shaved his arms and legs in the lead up to the attempted jail-break, slipped out of the prison wearing a dress, bra and lip stick amongst a group of women who had come to visit their incarcerated husbands.

About 30 minutes after escaping a police officer patrolling the area around the prison noticed his odd walk and began to follow him.

Silva was followed to a bus station where he was caught and hauled back to jail still wearing his wife's clothes.

Silva's wife claimed she had no idea why he asked to borrow her clothes, the jail’s director Carlos Welber said.

"Of course we don't believe her, but that's her story," Mr Welber said.

The director said there were more than 150 family members at the jail when Silva made his escape.
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