Paris Hilton Addicted To Skydiving (Video)

Thursday, 3 May 2012 | comments

Paris Hilton Addicted To Skydiving (Video), Paris Hilton dancer fired---Paris Hilton Says Skydiving is Better: Paris Hilton is addicted to skydiving after throwing herself out of a plane to celebrate her birthday last year.

The 27-year-old socialite is known for teetering around in high heels and skimpy outfits in the Hollywood party scene. But Hilton insists she’s become an adrenaline junkie since taking part in her first parachute jump in February 2007.

Paris Hilton goes skydiving, deals with a catfight and has to confront her boyfriend's jealousy in Las Vegas in The World According to Paris.

The socialite stunner takes her pals and assistant to Sin City to celebrate her best friend Jen's birthday and Paris has a whole host of surprises up her designer sleeves.

The girls celebrate their arrival at their swanky hotel by cracking open a bottle of champagne but despite the glitz and glamour, things don’t go according to plan.

On the first night Paris’s boyfriend Cy bombards her with needy texts and freaks out when he finds out the girls are in a strip club.

Paris said: "He's acting like my dad, not my boyfriend. This is so lame, I have to pull the plug because my boyfriend is upset."

The following night, assistant Lexie, who is having boyfriend trouble, makes out with a girl at a nightclub before getting into an explosive row in an elevator with Paris's New York friend Allison.

Allison seems irritated by Lexie for the whole trip and finally loses her cool when Paris’s assistant 'disrespects' her when the elevator breaks down.

The pair scream at each other and Allison repeatedly shouts at Lexie to 'shut the f*** up'.

Paris comforts Lexie and says Allison is 'way out line' and assures her assistant that she 'loves her like a little sister'.

Paris also organised a sky-diving session for Jen's birthday and calls two of her pals 'lame' for being to scared to take the jump.

The show ends with Paris questioning her relationship with the possessive Cy and the girls all heading back to LA.
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